Welcome to My Introverted Bubble!

There are two things that really define me – I’m a TV nerd and I’m an introvert – and I write about both. Mostly about TV though, because writing too much about myself couldn’t possibly be that interesting. My golden oldies are Dallas and ER and I absolutely adore the first four season of Nashville. Current favourites are Timeless (because it’s charming and Goran Visnjic is in it), Better Things (because of Pamela Adlon and that I never related to a mum-character like that before), Halt and Catch Fire (because its setting and story and Kerry Bishé’s fabulous Donna) and Jane the Virgin (because of everything).


I’m feeling the need to revisit my favourite episodes:

My Favourite Nashville: I Can’t Help (If I’m Still in Love with You) (1×02)

Adding this post that started this whole writing urge:

How a show called Nashville changed my life!


I revisited one of my favourite show and wanted to tell the story of my favourite characters on TV:

ER’s Abby and Luka, part 1: Luka’s story through 10 episodes

ER’s Abby and Luka, part 2: Abby’s story through 10 episodes


So far I have written one post about being introverted: On Being Introvert