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There are two things that really define me – I’m a TV buff and I’m an introvert – and I write about both, but mostly about TV. I’m in particular into character dramas of different sorts. I enjoy studying the characters, their situation, journeys, relationships and family drama, always with a female eye.

My golden oldies are Dallas and ER and I absolutely adore the first four season of Nashville. Current favourites are Timeless (because it’s charming and Goran Visnjic is in it), Better Things (because of Pamela Adlon and that I never related to a mom-character like that before), Halt and Catch Fire (because its 80/90’s setting in the IT industry and Kerry Bishé’s fabulous Donna), The Americans (because it’s about a marriage hidden behind a spy story) and Jane the Virgin (because of everything really).

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I’m feeling the need to revisit my favourite episodes, cause they are just epic:
My Favourite Nashville: I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You) (1×02)
My Favourite Nashville: I’ve Been Down That Road Before (1×12)
My Favourite Nashville: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down (2×18)

Adding this post that started this whole writing urge:
How a show called Nashville changed my life!


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I revisited one of my favourite shows this year and wanted to tell the stories of my favourite TV characters:
ER’s Abby and Luka, part 1: Luka’s story through 10 episodes
ER’s Abby and Luka, part 2: Abby’s story through 10 episodes

And then more reasons of why I love Abby Lockhart so much:
Abby Lockhart: evidence the ER writers created a person, not a woman


So far I have written one post about being introverted:
On Being Introvert