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There are two things that really define me – I’m a TV buff and I’m an introvert – and I write about both, but mostly about TV.

I’m mostly into character dramas of different sorts. I enjoy studying the characters, their situation, journeys, relationships and family drama, always with a female eye. My golden oldies are Dallas and ER and I absolutely adore the first four season of NashvilleHalt and Catch Fire (about of the rise of personal computer industry in the 1980’s and later on the internet) is also one of the best shows I have ever watched.

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Top 10 2017

My Top 10 TV shows of 2017
Best TV Husbands of 2017

Halt and Catch Fire

hacf1-3-e1512298679873.jpgThis show about the rise of the home computers and internet was just the perfect show from start to end bringing us tech nostalgia, but still making it totally relevant also today. I wonder if I have ever seen a story of a female professional relationship told like that:
Halt and Catch Fire was the perfect show
Halt and Catch Fire: The Journey of Donna Clark


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I’m feeling the need to revisit my favourite episodes, cause they are just epic:
My Favourite Nashville: I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You) (1×02)
My Favourite Nashville: I’ve Been Down That Road Before (1×12)
My Favourite Nashville: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down (2×18)

Adding this post that started this whole writing urge:
How a show called Nashville changed my life!


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I revisited one of my favourite shows last year and wanted to tell the stories of my favourite TV characters:
ER’s Abby and Luka, part 1: Luka’s story through 10 episodes
ER’s Abby and Luka, part 2: Abby’s story through 10 episodes

And then more reasons of why I love Abby Lockhart so much:
Abby Lockhart: Evidence the ER writers created a person, not a woman


So far I have written one post about being introverted:
On Being Introvert