Nashville 3.05 ‘Happy Road’: Does Rayna Remember She’s the Queen?

Nashville Forever

“Nashville writers, please don’t make Rayna Jaymes feel like she is a bad mum for being on tour, doing her job! Rayna is not a bad mother because she is leaving her daughters with their father in Nashville while on tour. She has done that a million times before” – Tora Liliedahl 

About this blog

Tora Liliedahle (@ToraLiliedahl) is a fellow Nashville fan, a friend and most of all – a wise woman. This week I  asked her to share HER thoughts on episode 3.05 .Luckily she agreed and chose to write about Rayna. Here’s what she has to say: 

Nashville is walking a thin line between forgetting how Rayna was in season one and making a story out of Rayna forgetting who she was in season one. She has forgotten that she is a big star and that she knows how to balance private life and business…

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