Fans Write about Favorite ‘Nashville Season 3’ Moments So Far: Deacon in Teenage Hell

Favorite scenes in Nashville season 3 so far.

Nashville Forever

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale TODAY!! (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far. Tora (@ToraLiliedahl) chose to write about Deacon and Maddie’s father/teenager relationship  in episode 3.02 – ‘How Far Down Can I Go’ . Do you agree? Follow for more even great moments to come. 

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“Some of my favorite scenes from season 3 so far happened back in episode 2. Actually it is thnormal_nsh302_0568ree scenes, with Deacon and Maddie, three times for Deacon to practice his parenting skills…

Teenagers can be extremely annoying! Maddie sure is when going furniture shopping with Deacon. Does she or does she not want a dresser?!? I just love Maddie in this scene. My own teenager I don’t always get, but Maddie’s behavior is just crystal clear to me. Mad, and confused and lost, and Lennon portrays it perfectly!…

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