Watching Nashville In Concert in London with My Daughters

I wrote about my fabulous weekend in London with my girls to see the Nashville cast on their UK tour for Nashville Forever.

Nashville Forever

The Nashville cast tour expanded for the first time this year to the UK. There was no shortage of Nashies love there for the show, the cast and the music and thanks to CMT and Hulu who saved Nashville from cancellation, the UK concerts turned from a bittersweet farewell tour to one big Nashville party.

About Nashville Forever

There are good things and there are bad things about sharing your hobby with you daughters.

I’m trying to remember when these now 11 and 15 year old girls, startedwatching Nashville as well. I think it was when I re-watched season 2during the summer before season 3 began(2014). They were watching it for the first time, having caught up on season 1 on their own.
That was the summer before we all went on vacation to Nashville in the fall and they becameas infatuatedas I was, not only with the show and…

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