ER: The brutal masterpiece that is Be Still My Heart

Be Still My Heart is the beautiful title of the masterful 13th episode of the 6th season, an episode full of sadness, cocky doctors and those warning signs we just didn’t see.

“Be Still My heart” is what an old lady tells Abby her late husband used to say to her, and something that now becomes a comfort to her as she herself is dying. I can’t help thinking that those same words are something the parents, dead after a car accident, would want to whisper to their children as the young ones get to see their parents’ bodies in the trauma room.

Be Still My Heart, Valentine's Day, Lucy and CarterThe title also serves as advice to us viewers even if we don’t understand it until afterwards. Because it is a heartbreaking shock we are given at the end – without a doubt the moment in TV that has shocked me the most –  and it is all delivered so brilliantly.

We have already got our share of sadness in the episode and we have felt Lucy’s frustration over not getting support from Carter as her migraine patient is behaving exceedingly odd. We think it is time to relax, the drama has calmed down and we let ourselves be embraced by the cheerful party atmosphere. It’s Valentine’s day, the ER is decorated, the candy is on display at the counter and the music is playing loudly. Lydia’s ”there’s a bigger knife in the lounge” gives us a warning that we do not understand, before we distanced by the heavy beat are trying to process what we see.

Showrunner John Wells, scriptwriter Lydia Woodwards and director Kerry Weaver show exceptional skills and how very thought-through every episode of ER is with all the details leading us to the brutal end. Be still my heart.

Note! Photo and video are screenshots from DVD. Material owned by Warner Bros Entertainment Ltd.

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