ER’s Abby and Luka: 10 moments of Split Decisions perfectly reflecting their story

Split Decisions — while sweet, serious, hilarious and hot — touches on so many pain points of Abby and Luka’s past at the same time as it so charmingly shows their utter excitement of the future.

I didn’t realise at first that writing about Split Decisions would be such a long post. Although I love the episode I have never seen it as an absolute favourite, but watching it again, I see how brilliantly it touches on so many pain points of Abby and Luka’s past at the same time as it shows their excitement of the future, and it does this while sweet, serious, hilarious and totally hot.

The quick glances they share are filled with uncertainty and care, grief and sadness, compassion, love and understanding in the middle of all excitement. All in just about a second.

There are so many delicate scenes with them adjusting to the fact that they are having a baby. The scenes are confirming just how it was never about not wanting for Abby, only to have the courage to keep the baby. Now she is so excited, yet at the same time so scared, in the sweetest emotional mix. Here are 10 glorious moments:

1. The excitement of having a baby

That first bedroom scene, filmed partly from above, is just filled with little miracles including Luka’s groaning answer “barely” to her demanding “are you awake?” And yes, although the hormones keeps her from sleeping, it is obvious, so does her excitement.

SD excitementIt is worth noting that it is mostly Abby’s excitement that is expressed in this whole episode. That Luka wants more than anything to have more children we already know and we learn that he has already told his father and that very happy “we’re having a baby” at the end says all about what he feels. Yet, in the rest of the episode, and actually all through the pregnancy, he is rather low-key about it. He has no need to express his excitement, he happily bears it inside of him, perhaps on purpose letting Abby’s feelings be the prominent ones and flourish.

2. Jokingly facing Abby’s past

Abby has no plan telling her mother until maybe he’s in high-school, she tells Luka. “He?”  ”I just think I would be better with a boy. The mother-daughter dynamics just scares the hell out of me.” I love how they hav come to a point where they are so much more comfortable with talking to each other. Not only does Abby express her feelings about her mother, Luka has the courage to joke a bit about it. Remember how he emphasises ”your mother”?

3. The comfortable breakfast scene with the uncomfortable subject

SD breakfastThen there is the breakfast scene with Abby declaring she wants be prepared and therefor go comparison-shopping. They are so comfortable together at the table you get the feeling she has already moved in, but they still dance around the subject about actually doing so. Luka has kind of asked her once, and Abby broke up with him, so he won’t do that mistake again. Abby seems defensive and starts taking about her own apartment. She is obviously scared about committing and moving in, still it might be that she would have wanted Luka to ask. Abby in a nutshell these days, excited but super-scared, and Luka is taking it slow, he won’t push as he did once before.

4. Luka never getting those jokes

Luka is as usual not getting Abby’s jokes. “Maybe a little mobile of famous Croatian diplomats?” Ok, it was not the best of jokes, although Abby tells it adorably. Later he makes me squirm uncomfortably as he is trying to make a joke about identical twins and custody and just fails miserably. He should just leave it be.

5. That crotch glance!

SD crotch glanceI can’t help but blush a little every time I watch Abby’s quick glance at Luka’s crotch while uttering her infamous ”if your mutant Croatian seed causes me to have twins…”. Is that only me?

6. Saying it out loud for the first time

Again Abby’s excitement and the need to make it real shines through when Abby tries to express it out loud when the nice clerk lady asks who they are buying for: ”It’s for me… us. We’re having a baby. Together.” Finally, she got to say it and it felt good.

It reminds me of an episode in season 13 when they have decided to get married, but Luka does not want to tell the colleagues in the ER yet. He does say it to a random pair of patients though, and you could feel how he loved saying it out loud, to make it real, without revealing it anybody they know.

7. Being a normal guy

SD Abby and Luka making faceIt’s is not often Luka gets to be the normal “guy”, in this case the one that is not happy to go shopping with his girlfriend, trying things on etc. The subtle eye-roll and making that one face is rather sweet and funny though, because we know he really wants the baby and actually is the epitome of support. It’s like Luka wants it to be normal, him being a normal guy about to become a father, not always have things affected by his past. Then again, it will pop up…

8. Thoughtfully facing Luka’s sad past

SD Abby and Luka yesMaybe this is my favorite moment of the episode, the looks they give each other before and after Luka answers “yes” to the question from the clerk lady, if the baby is their first. Abby didn’t know what to answer, but Luka quickly came to her rescue. It’s alright he seemed to say, there is no need to give all the details to a complete stranger. And the quick glances they share are filled with uncertainty and care, grief and sadness, compassion, love and understanding in the middle of all excitement. All in just about a second.

9. The screwball comedy when facing Luka’s embarrassing past

SD ScrewballThen it suddenly turns into screwball comedy as a woman from the hospital pharmacy walks into the baby store and Abby forces Luka to hide behind the stalls. He does not get why and Abby’s ”Oh Luka, every woman who works in the hospital knows who you are. Trust me” is funnily double-sided, if you ask me. Does she mean they know him because he is the tall, hot and handsome doctor at the ER or is she referring the times when he slept with half of them during those months he slowly fell into his depression? In any case he just shut ups and yields.

10. The hotness and that magical fall to the floor

SD Hotness 2They make their way to the changing room and the rest is just sweet, hot and heavy conjoining. I just need understand how they in practice did that falling towards the floor? The squeaky rabbit letting us know they reached the bottom just finishes this Luby episode that is nothing but pure perfection in how sweet it is and how it captures them and their histories so beautifully.

The episode is written by R. Scott Gemmill and directed by Richard Thorpe.

Note! All photos are screenshots from DVD. Material owned by Warner Bros Entertainment Ltd.

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