ER’s Luka and Sam: The careful conclusion of a story in Quintessence of Dust

To make a story great the ending has to be taken extra care of and with another lockup scene the producers of ER do just that with Luka and Sam’s.

Abby and Luka got the results of the amnio and realize it might be the time to tell people about the pregnancy. For Abby it’s her mother that probably, although reluctantly, should be told. Luka has already given his father the wonderful news, but he knows there is another person he has to tell.

It’s like a peppy ”Better luck this time!”, totally ignoring the fact that Abby and Luka has a history, that this is not something new and uncertain, but familiar and solid.

Alex is in the ER and Luka chats with him and uses that as an excuse to approach Sam, reminding us that it was Alex who connected them in the first place and not much else. They enter the lockup, the small space for medical supplies and the scene for various meetings in the past, including the one where Sam harshly puts the last nail in the coffin of their relationship.

QoD Sam and Luka 3Somewhat awkward Luka starts talking about him and Abby, but is immediately interrupted by Sam who informs him the she knows about them, everybody knows: “I really hope it works out. Really, I want you to be happy.” She manages to sound a tad condescending. It’s like a peppy ”Better luck this time!”, totally ignoring the fact that Abby and Luka has a history, that this is not something new and uncertain, but something familiar and solid.

QoD Luka.pngWhen Luka tells her about the baby to come she is completely thrown off. She asks about a due date, musters up a forced ”congratulation” and gives him that awkward hug that he is not all comfortable with.

People are humans. It hurts breaking up and it hurts when the other one is moving on, even if you know it was not meant to be. Luka was miserable and prepared to do everything to get Sam back when she broke it off, because he wanted a family and didn’t want to fail at another relationship. Now Sam gets jealous for a minute and wonders what she missed out on, even if she knows that is not what she wanted.

QoD Sam and Luka 2Luka’s face tells us just how awkward he thinks this is and I can’t help to think that it’s also the writers’ way of telling us Luby fans, sorry for making you go through that. It was painful to watch Luka and Sam, even if it is a truly great story told about two people first getting together for the wrong reasons and than staying together for the same awry reasons.

QoD Sam and Luka 1This scene concludes the their story once and for all. They don’t relate to each other as exes after this nor are they friends. They are back to being co-workers and nothing else and the story of Luka and Sam gets a proper conclusion.

Quintessence of Dust is written by David Zabel, Lisa Zwerling and Karen Maser and directed by Joanna Kerns.

Note! All photos are screenshots from DVD. Material owned by Warner Bros Entertainment Ltd.

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