My favorite Nashville

I loved the first four seasons of Nashville or at least three and a half. It has such great characters, fabulous music and such epic drama. Some episodes are pure magic and here is something that I have written about it:
My Favourite Nashville: When Rayna, Juliette and Scarlett just can’t help it
My Favourite Nashville: Three elevator rides, a statement and a kiss
My Favourite Nashville: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down (2×18)

And an old favourite about my own meeting with Nashville magic:
How a show called Nashville changed my life!

I was a sometimes guest-writer on the fabulous Nashville Forever blog and these posts were all originally posted there. The words are mine, except for the introductions, and the posts are reblogged here!
Watching Nashville In Concert in London with My Daughters
Nashville Gets Us: Will Lexington is ‘On It’
Nashville Gets Us: A Life That’s Actually Quite Funny
The ‘Nashville’ Characters Defense: Scarlett O’Connor- Prefers to Whisper
Fans Write about Favorite ‘Nashville Season 3′ Moments So Far: Deacon in Teenage Hell
Nashville 3.05 ‘Happy Road’: Does Rayna Remember She’s the Queen?


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