Fans Write about Favorite ‘Nashville Season 3’ Moments So Far: Deacon in Teenage Hell

Favorite scenes in Nashville season 3 so far.

Nashville Forever

To celebrate Nashville Winter Finale TODAY!! (December 10, 10/9c) we asked fellow fans to share their favorite moments from season 3 so far. Tora (@ToraLiliedahl) chose to write about Deacon and Maddie’s father/teenager relationship  in episode 3.02 – ‘How Far Down Can I Go’ . Do you agree? Follow for more even great moments to come. 

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“Some of my favorite scenes from season 3 so far happened back in episode 2. Actually it is thnormal_nsh302_0568ree scenes, with Deacon and Maddie, three times for Deacon to practice his parenting skills…

Teenagers can be extremely annoying! Maddie sure is when going furniture shopping with Deacon. Does she or does she not want a dresser?!? I just love Maddie in this scene. My own teenager I don’t always get, but Maddie’s behavior is just crystal clear to me. Mad, and confused and lost, and Lennon portrays it perfectly!…

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Just Don’t Ask Me Where I Come From

Just Don’t Ask Me Where I Come From

Earnest and interesting from my friend Shira.

Shira Gur

My name is Shira Gur. I’m Jewish and I come from Israel and I’m many more other things. Lately I have stayed in Nashville, Tennessee (long story). It really is a great city but when people try to be friendly and engage in a conversation by asking ‘where do you come from?’ I feel like someone punched me in the stomach. Why? Read and find out.

Let me share with you a little anecdote: Couple of nights ago I took a cab to the place I’m staying at in Nashville. It was late at night and I was freezing and tired and the only thing I was interested in doing was climb into bed and sleep. What I definitely had no interest in doing at that particular moment was engage in one of those small talks that begin with the question: So, where do you come from?

When I got…

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Nashville 3.05 ‘Happy Road’: Does Rayna Remember She’s the Queen?

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“Nashville writers, please don’t make Rayna Jaymes feel like she is a bad mum for being on tour, doing her job! Rayna is not a bad mother because she is leaving her daughters with their father in Nashville while on tour. She has done that a million times before” – Tora Liliedahl 

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Tora Liliedahle (@ToraLiliedahl) is a fellow Nashville fan, a friend and most of all – a wise woman. This week I  asked her to share HER thoughts on episode 3.05 .Luckily she agreed and chose to write about Rayna. Here’s what she has to say: 

Nashville is walking a thin line between forgetting how Rayna was in season one and making a story out of Rayna forgetting who she was in season one. She has forgotten that she is a big star and that she knows how to balance private life and business…

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